Department of Computer Science
Graduate Recruiting (Fall 2016)

This application is for Fall 2016 admission.

Be sure to review our Checklist before you begin.

Have you completed your ApplyTexas application for graduate study at the University? Great! Then you can start working on your CS application here while you wait for GIAC to send your UT EID to you.

Each section of our application should be self-explanatory. Be sure to fill in the items marked with a * — those are required! If for whatever reason you can't finish the process in one session, it's OK. Just logout, then login again later with your CS applicant login ID to finalize the application once everything is in order. Remember, your CS applicant login ID is the credential you set up when you registered with our site. Don't confuse it with your UT EID, which is just an identifier for our purposes.


Important! You must visit the "Sign and Submit" page to finalize your application. Each year, well-qualified candidates receive delayed consideration because they enter all their data but then forget to actually submit their application to our system for review.